ServiceMax 2005 Solo (1 Engineer)

ServiceMax 2005 Solo (1 Engineer) 4.2 US Only

ServiceMax 2005 (version 4.0) is the latest version of the successful...

ServiceMax 2005 (version 4. 0) is the latest version of the successful service management package embraced by the UK central heating industry.

The big news in ServiceMax 2005 is two new modules, PurchaseMax stock control system and ClientMax client remote access, new and improved security functions and the much improved version of MobileMax, made in partnership with ESB New Technologies Ltd.

ServiceMax 2005 Suite of Service Management SoftwareServiceMax was first launched in November 2001; since then it has undergone significant development and improvements with the help and support of many of our customers.

Our aim with ServiceMax is still to provide small to medium sized service companies with an affordable system, rich on functionalities, to meet and often exceed their expectations.

1-2-Access has industry knowledge in the gas service industry unmatched by any of our competitors. This means that if you as a customer have a problem you don need to explain your business to us for us to be able to suggest a solution that will solve your problem.

With any other system provider it would be up to you and your staff to teach them and then make sure the system does what it is supposed to. Contrary to most other off-the-shelf service packages, ServiceMax is continuously updated to improve and introduce functionalities for our customers; whereas some companies may undertake one annual improvement others will improve even less frequently.

As new technologies become affordable, like mobile data communications, we strive to implement solutions that meet our customer demands and desires for improved efficiency, flexibility and reduced running cost, all within a stable software environment.

The way we achieve this, primarily, is by establishing excellent working relationships with our customers, then co-operate closely as new functions are agreed, developed and introduced for testing out in the field before being made available for general release.

In this way a constant improvement cycle is established; we discuss, design, plan, test, review and improve and the cycle continues. ServiceMax ServiceMax is the central module where the customer, workorder and appliance database is managed.

For the smaller companies all the necessary tools needed to run a service business are included. InvoiceMaxInvoiceMax adds a few major functionalities to ServiceMax.

With InvoiceMax you can do volume invoicing, e. g. when you have lots of workorders for the same customers it is possible by just a few clicks to invoice them all on the same invoice.

With powerful selection and batch options it will meet almost any requirement for invoice grouping from your customers. With ServiceMax you have the ability to invoice parts and labour.

With InvoiceMax you can also set up fixed price items for quick selection upon job completionMany companies in the UK use SAGE for their accounting.

You then have to re-enter all the details into SAGE. By using InvoiceMax to do the invoice you can export all the invoice transactions to a file that can be imported by SAGE saving you countless hours of re-keying and also reduce errors compounded by re-entering the information.

ContractMaxWith ContractMax you can set up contracts for individual customers or for the larger property owners like housing associations. Within the contract you can set up contract period, pricing etc.

If a contract is not renewed it can be set to block new workorders for any given customer. AutoPricing is a function built in to ContractMax that works in conjunction with InvoiceMax.

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ServiceMax 2005 Solo (1 Engineer)


ServiceMax 2005 Solo (1 Engineer) 4.2 US Only

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